Saturday, December 22, 2012


   I first published this poem in an Advent series I wrote for the National Catholic Reporter. I also included it in my book, The New Dance of Christ--Discovering our Spiritual Self in a New, Evolving World.  (Amazon)  My book describes the creation of the universe in  Biblical/Evolutionary terms, shows why the old "Dance" of Christianity died, and then presents a new vision for a spirituality in and for today's world, in terms, e.g., of women's spirituality, art and poetry, science, and education. 

                                                      A GENESIS CAROL

                 In the beginning was the word, "Become."
                     And the atom became.
                 The atom,
                     Spinning, whirling, whizzing, buzzing,
                     Hissing, sizzling, fizzing, fusing,
                 The snapping, crackling, popping breakfast of the universe.

                 Electron sparks in swirling motion,
                     Shimmering halos of devotion,
                     Circling, circling round their center,
                     Never colliding, never exploding,
                     Never intruding, never imploding,
                 Dancing, dancing; do-si-do and change your orbit,
                     Hear the call and dance the song.
                 Become!  Become!  Become!

                 In the center of the dance, the proton yoke,
                     Egg-stuff of the universe, embryo of life,
                 Atom's Eve, a-move and a-dance to her own special tune:
                     Up quark, down quark, strange quark, charm quark,
                     Muon, one-step; gluon, two-step;
                     Photons.  Neutrons.  Life fantastic!
                 Dance!  Dance!  Dance!
                 Become!  Become!  Become!

                 Deep beneath the throbbing heartbeat of the dance
                     There lives a peace,
                      That glows within the heart of every atom's pure alloy,
                 A virgin, pregnant peace, that in a silent, holy night
                       Transforms the dance into a healing psalm of joy.
                 Become!  Be loved!  Be whole!

                 And in response the universe explodes in cosmic bloom;
                     Stars skip to grand polyphony
                     Through pinwheel galaxies in newborn skies,
                 And holy antiphon abounds from sphere to sphere.

                 While oceans sing and mountains chant
                     Their Gloria's to God on high,
                 Man and woman dance to life:
                     Rising, growing, working, loving,
                     Wedding, birthing, dying, rising,
                 Caroling the universe's song of praise,
                 I am!  I am!  I am!

                 The blessed offspring of Your fertile Word,
                      Crescending proclamation of Your love,                
                 Loud, macrocosmic praise of boundless One,
                     And softly allelu-ing cradle of Your Son.

                                                                                                       Merry Christmas

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