Monday, January 14, 2019


    Imagine what Jesus was conscious of when he looked around at the world.

   Being divine, he saw the world the way God sees it.  Being human, he saw the world the way we see it--or ought to see it.  He saw divinity present within everyone and everything.  Divinity-within-the-world is the Christ Reality, or the Christ.  So in a special way, Jesus, the Christ, saw himself.  And he saw everyone and everything as images of him.

    In the glow of the global Christ Reality, Jesus saw the world filled with creative, healing, and world-transforming, world-evolving love.  He saw love flowing into everyone in the form of  their vocations, i.e., in the form of their personal talents, opportunities and possibilities for moving the world forward toward becoming the Kingdom of God on earth.

   He saw wondrous possibilities in every child:  in their loving family, their good school, their job and career possibilities, their social possibilities, etc.  He saw the same possibilities in every adult.  Today, he looks at us and weeps for the way our possibilities are being curtailed or even destroyed by a disintegrating family life, poor education, dissipating social life, lack of  leadership, greedy handling of the economy, indifference toward climate change, etc.  He cries over those who have fallen into the despair of addiction and crime.  He sees in everyone and everything what could be if we cooperated with the grace he is giving us every moment, and the strength to act upon our grace.  The world can be changed, however little, for the better.  But God will not do it without us.    God will do it only with us.  

   In his life on earth, Jesus put his love-consciousness into action.  Everything he did--every lesson he taught, every blessing he gave, every person he fed, ever person he healed, every opportunity he had, big or small, he took advantage of.  All were acts of his overflowing love.

   What he did was his way of teaching us what we can and should do, in our own way, throughout our lives.  So now is a good time to resolve to work to develop ever more clearly the love-consciousness that we have from him.  We can resolve to relate to everyone we know and meet within our consciousness of love.

   With our Christ-consciousness, for example, we can figure out how to relate to family members with whom we disagree, to be calm and clear with our fellow citizens who strongly oppose us in today's dehumanized political swamp, and to treat with love all people who are poor, sick, vulnerable or outcast.  We must also do our part to understand those who want to harm us and our country.  In sum, we must put on the mind of Christ.  With Jesus as our guide, we must get actively engaged in our family and society to bring the creative, healing and world-transforming consciousness of love wherever we are able.

   Leadership, of course, is difficult.  Jesus suffered opposition from some of his own people and worst of all from the Romans, who crucified him for the political "crime" of being "King of the Jews."   Pilate in his spiritual blindness could not see that Jesus was King of All Kings.

   As I said above, the great problems of our day are at heart, spiritual problems, problems with our lack of Christ's love-consciousness.  So many of our leaders in politics, religion, business, education, science, entertainment, etc., are prone to shrink their consciousness from the bright fullness of order, peace, love and the true joy of life to the puny humanly destructive, dark emptiness of greed and uncaring.  In Christ we cannot permit our politics, education, corporations, etc., to be inhuman.  In Christ we can and must work to make the world more human                  

   The least we can do is to question our political, religious, education and professional leaders and ask them to explain what they are doing to help elevate our humanity and where necessary, humbly work to correct its faults through knowledge, peace and love.  Those of us who are qualified should offer insights as to how to expand the love-consciousness of those in the various fields, so they can bring greater understanding, order, peace and love to their fields.  Doctors treat people, not medical cases; politicians serve the people, not their own careers; teachers teach people, not math, science, etc., corporations serve the people while making a fair profit and protecting the environment, etc.  Those in charge may and often will resist.  We must call upon our strength in Christ and persevere in working to bring more order, truth, peace and love to our society.  In this way we build up the Kingdom of God on earth, which is within us now and needs to be nourished and constantly built up.    

   May 2019 be a year when we expand and clarify our own Christ-consciousness so we can bring ever more love-consciousness to our society and grow in love and charity that will be with us here and in eternity.


Thursday, November 29, 2018


   We often say that Christmas commemorates the birth of Christ.  That needs some clarification.  Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus.  Is there a the difference?

   Genesis 1 tells us that when God created the universe it was a wasteland.  Immediately a mighty wind blew over it.  That wind signifies that the Spirit of God was in the wasteland from the very beginning.  In the Hebrew mindset we could say that God "anointed" the newborn universe with the Spirit's presence.  From the beginning the universe was God's "Anointed One."

   Hebrew has a word for the Anointed One."  It is Messiah.  The English translation of Messiah is "The Christ Reality."  The Christ Reality, or Christ, for short, is the universe wondrously "anointed" with the presence of God.

   There is nowhere in the universe where God is not present as the Christ Reality.  Nowhere!  Since we tend to imagine God as a particular person, e.g., an old man flying in the sky, a shepherd, etc., it might be better instead of saying "God"  I say, "Divinity."  Divinity is present in the all the galaxies, in  all the galaxies and our sun and moon, in earth's soil, trees, rocks, plants, animals and of course in us.  Divinity is also present in the things we have made, e.g., tables and chairs, houses, schools, bridges, etc., etc.  Divinity is even present in the keyboard and monitor of your computer.  If Divinity was absent from someone or something, they would not exist.  All is Christ!

    Take a moment to imagine he whole universe, world and everything and everyone in it  aglow with the inner presence of Omnipresent Divinity.   This is the universal Christ Reality.

    An important note:  All this does not mean that the universe and we are God.  That is pantheism, which means God is all that exists.  No.  I'm saying that God is in all that exists.  That is called pan-en-theism.  Another way to see this is to say that all that exists is immersed in Divinity.  Theologian Teilhard de Chardin said we live in a "Divine Milieu," a divine atmosphere or ambiance.

   The Second Person of the Holy Trinity is Infinite and Eternal.  
The  Universal Christ Reality, Divinity in the Universe, was born 13.8 billion years ago.  
Jesus was born 2000 years ago.

   Jesus is Eternal-Infinite God, Who is present throughout the universe as the Christ Reality, born on earth in the form of a 1st century mid-eastern Jewish male.  No wonder the angels sang, "Glory to God in the highest!"  They were singing of the most wonderful event in the history of the world!

   From the first moment of his conception in Mary's womb, Jesus was aglow with Divine presence.  He is the Light of the World having come to live with us with the gift of God's eternal, overflowing Love.  He is the One who came to show us the Way, the Truth and the Life.  With him and in him, we walk the way of our life on earth toward eternal life.  We live in him and his teachings as the life-giving Truth; and we live in his life because he is the fullness of life.

   Jesus is all humanity's personal link to God.  Everyone comes to God through Jesus.  People of faith and also those who have not ever heard of Jesus can be saved.  Salvation is open to those who live a life of consistent good will and conscience in love. (1)  Jesus is truly God's greatest gift to the world.

   So on Christmas Day we celebrate the most glorious event in the world's history, the birth of the man who brought God's Infinite, Eternal, Overflowing Love to us as a special gift for our lives here on earth and into eternity.

    And we sing with the angels, "Joy to the world, the Lord has come!"

(1) Second Vatican Council, Constitution on the Church, No. 15



Thursday, October 25, 2018


   Vatican II said we have to read the signs of the times.  Today's physicists have given us a new sign that is as shocking as Galileo's claim that the earth revolves around the sun.  This breakthrough will have a major influence on our theology and especially on our everyday spirituality.  So it is worth at least this one Post.

    I'll do my best to explain it one step at a time.  And I welcome comments, corrections, etc.

    Step 1:  Until now, physicists understood the universe, including earth and ourselves, to be made up of physical, material beings.  In their terms, everything and everyone is made of atoms.  And atoms are made up of little balls called sub-atomic particles.

     Step 2:  Today's physicists have discovered that atoms are not material!  They are not made of material particles.  They are made of energy.  

     Step 3:  Energy is usually described as the ability to do work, or to be something. Energy is potential, or possibility.  Energy  is not yet something material.  Energy moves in waves.  So energy is immaterial waves of possibility, i.e., of possible material things and people.

     Step 4:  The entire universe and everything and everyone in it is made of energy.  Since energy is not material, everything is immaterial.  Immaterial energy moves in immaterial "energy waves."  The universe is a made of up an infinite number of waves of possibility. 

     Step 5:  The universe expresses itself in the form of immaterial, living, conscious beings, e.g., immaterial insects, animals, ourselves.  Therefore, the universe itself must be living and conscious.  In fact, the universe is living consciousness!   The universe is living awareness, universal being awake!

     We live in a universe that we are aware of, and that is aware of us!  

     Step 6:  This new consciousness gives us a new way to try to understand who God is.  But first we must understand that God is Absolute Mystery.  Mystery in this context is not ignorance, as in a Detective Novel in which we slowly find out who the murderer was.  Mystery, as it applies to God, is Reality that is so great that it is inexhaustible.  This means that the more we understand about God, the more there will be to understand, without end.

    So our understanding of who God is is and always will be a human construct, limited by our human nature.  That said, we can now say that since we are space/time, living, conscious images and likenesses of God, we can say that God is Eternal-Infinite Living Consciousness or Awareness.  More fully, we can say that:

     God is Eternal-Infinite, Living, Creative, Saving and World-Sanctifying and Evolving, Loving Consciousness/Awareness.

     It will greatly help us in understanding who God is if we put aside our images of God as Someone, e.g., an old man with a white beard,  "up there" or "out there."  It gets worse when we try to imagine God as up there and everywhere down here at the same time. 

     With this new understanding, we can image God as filling the universe and earth with Living, Creative, Saving and World-Sanctifying and Evolving Love-Consciousness.  This may take some time but it will be well-worth the effort, for the sake of our ongoing spiritual maturity and our Christ-like efforts in and for today's society.  

     Step 7:  God's Eternal-Infinite Love-Consciousness is what Jesus took to himself at the instant of his conception in Mary's womb.  If we want to "see" the divine Love-Consciousness, we can look at Jesus.  
      (Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.  John 14:9)

     Step 7:  How do we get from being immaterial waves of possibility, to being three dimensional, solid figures living in a three dimensional, solid world?

     Here's what the physicists tell us:  Using its infinite possibilities, the living-conscious universe creates individual, immaterial possibilities, e.g., immaterial galaxies with their immaterial stars and planets, our immaterial moon and earth with its immaterial soil, water, air, fish, animals, and immaterial selves.  All are immaterial possibilities.

     We ourselves are a spirit, i.e., an immaterial soul with an immaterial brain and immaterial body with immaterial senses.  The universe puts the possible idea of a material earth and our material selves into our mind.  Our immaterial mind shows these possibilities to our immaterial brain.  Our immaterial brain excites our immaterial senses to sense these immaterial possibilities as if they are three dimensional, material objects in a three dimensional world and universe.  

     We are living, conscious, free, active participants in the conscious universe.  We use our consciousness to create the three dimensional world and universe we live in!  (For the scientifically minded, we create a hologram.)

     As images and likenesses of God, we are called and empowered to act like God and care for the world that we create by bringing it the peace, justice and love of Christ.  We are here to help "Thy Kingdom Come...on Earth."

                                                      Sing to the Lord a new song,
                                                     Sing to the Lord, all the earth.
                                                  Sing to the Lord, bless his name,
                                              Announce his salvation, day after day
                                             Tell God's glory among all the nations;
                                        Among all the people, God's marvelous deeds.
                                                                                             (From Psalm 96)



Wednesday, August 29, 2018


   The latest horrific revelation of abuse of children by priests and the cover-up by bishops is a good opportunity for Catholics to get truly angry at the Church leaders, including Pope Francis.

   First, as a former Philadelphia priest, I want to say clearly and gratefully that I have the privilege to know Philly priests whom it has been a blessing and honor to call my brothers.  The are the exceptions to what I must say below. 

   For far too long Church leaders have directed their attention to the behavior of the priest-predators, especially homosexual priests, and finally to the bishops who covered up the predators' sins and crimes.  But they have refused to see that the problem is not a sexual one but a centuries old structural one.  It is time to wake up!

   The Catholic Church made a spiritually lethal structural error when it ceased being the People of Christ living their way in the life and truth of Christ, and took on the autocratic structure of the Roman Empire.  The role of the Emperor was taken over by the Pope; the Roman Senators became the Cardinals; the Governors became the Bishops, and the Roman peasants became the laity.  Later, the Church leaders added the trappings of Medieval Lords, which they still enjoy.  

   Throughout this time, the leaders isolated themselves from the laity and the world at large in a special class of privilege called the clergy.  For obvious good reasons, Jesus explicitly forbade his followers to take on such titles and honors.  (Lk. 22:26:  Let the greatest among you be as the youngest, and the leader as the servant.)

   What the leaders fail to see is that the anti-Christian clerical structure of isolation and privilege  has produced an ugly, foul atmosphere in which a most terribly debased humanity could flourish.  The problem is not homosexuality.  Both gays and straights abused both male and female children.  It is the dank atmosphere of isolation and privilege that attracts and has permitted deviates, both gay and straight, to operate without detection--or if detected, without accountability.

   The  Barque of Peter is a deteriorating wooden boat propelled by torn sails in a world where ships of steel and exotic metals are run by nuclear generators.  A half century ago, the Second Vatican Council opened the way for the Church to catch up to today's world.  A Council is the highest level of Church teaching.  Pope Francis knows this.  The way to Church renewal is open.  Yes, his opposition is strong and he will suffer greatly.  But the abused are crying out to God!  The world is waiting.  Francis is the Pope.  He has the knowledge and power to change the Church and make it a light of hope and love in today's world.  What is he waiting for?


Thursday, July 12, 2018


   I just learned that some of separated asylum seekers' children who are now being returned do not recognize their parents.  They cry to go back to the people who were taking care of them.  In deep shock, they are asking their parents why their parents "went away," a sign that they may be scarred for life.

   And then Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, blindly and inhumanly said that what the Trump administration has done for the separated children is "one of the great acts of American generosity and charity."  

   The most charitable thing we can say is that the Trump administration has gone morally insane.  We are witnessing the results of brutal torture that was explicitly ordered by President Donald Trump.  Remember, the people who crossed the border are not immigrants who have no rights.  They are asylum seekers who have Constitutional rights.  Their "crime" was that they crossed the border at the wrong points.  Their punishment is the torture of separation.

  This happened in a country that has a Christian majority, many of whom voted for this torturer.

   To my Catholic brothers and sisters who voted for Trump, I ask, "Why didn't your Catholic consciousness tell you that something like this horror could very well happen?  As Catholics, did you fail to see and realize that Trump is a man who cares for no one and nothing but himself, in short, that he is the very opposite of Jesus?  Did you put this horrific truth aside and vote for him because you want the Supreme Court to outlaw abortion?  That may now very well happen.  So where do we go from here?"

   Our Catholic faith enables us and makes us responsible to build the Kingdom of God on earth.  God's Kingdom is right here, right now, within our towns and cities, in our nation, waiting to become ever more clear and effective.  We are responsible to turn our towns and cities, our entire nation, into a place where peace, justice and love, even sacrifice for others, are ever increasingly present.  It doesn't take a prophet to know that right now this is not happening. In fact, just the opposite is happening.

   It is impossible to read the New Testament and not see that practically on ever page Jesus or a Biblical writer is telling us to beware of wealth, and above all, to care for the sick, the poor and the vulnerable of our society.  Jesus reserves the harshest warnings for those of us who don't care for others.  He goes so far as to identify with the "least" of us and say that what we do for the "least" of our brothers and sisters, we do for him. (Mt. 25:40)

   Let's get to the bare facts, as Jesus did in his time.  Our Catholic faith does not tell us to base our votes on our narrow mindedness, or on our craving for wealth and social privilege, or on our prejudices or our anger, and on hatred for others.  Yet this is happening today on a scale so dangerously high that is threatens our democracy itself.  Many of us Catholics today are working for the destruction of the United States of America.  Many don't even know that we are collaborating in our country's destruction.  Look at the crowds who attend the campaign rallies that Trump insists on holding almost weekly.  So many of us are so deluded that we actually believe we are saving our county and "making it great again."

   As Catholics we live in Christ, who is our Way, our Truth and our Life.  In truth, we should see that we are daily being lied to  (over 3000 times in his first year!) by our President.  We should see that he is an anti-Christian, destructive force in our country and in the world.

   So how does our faith apply to today's politics?  We should all begin by examining our own conscience so we could clearly see the deep shallowness and corruption of our politics in the light of our Catholic faith--and also in the light of our biases and prejudices.  Then, because our politics are so corrupted, we should demand that every one of our leaders tell the truth.  We should expect and demand that no matter what party they belong to, our leaders must clearly see why they are in office and that they must provide first and foremost for all the needs of the poor, sick and vulnerable that they cannot provide for themselves.  If they don't do this, then we should tell them loudly and clearly that we will vote them out of office.  That is the least we can do.

   The Catholic Church does not exist one hour a week on Sundays.  The life and work of being a Catholic in today's world takes up 24 hours of every day.  We are all called, enabled and responsible to work to elevate our society and where necessary, humbly correct it in the saving grace of Christ, so that our society becomes more just, peaceful and charitable.  We are here on earth to show our fellow Americans and all the peoples of the world that our faith is real and it is energizing us to be effective in our everyday world--because that's where Jesus lived in his day.


Friday, June 15, 2018


   One of the most dangerous and harmful traditions among some Christians is their picking one Biblical passage out of context and interpreting it according to their own view, especially their own political view.  This is what  happened when Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the government's horrendous act of pulling children out of their mother's arms by referring to Chapter 13 of St. Paul's letter to the Romans, in which Paul tells us to accept government authority because it has been established by God.   

   In doing this, Mr. Sessions disregards the entire New Testament which is alive with the infinite, self-giving, sacrificial love of Christ for all people, especially for the poor, sick and outcast.  

   What he said showed that his consciousness of the Bible and of Christ is as small as his politics.  It does not extend to the parents and children he is persecuting and most certainly does not extend to Christ.  Equally horrific, he is using the Bible to defend President Trump's decision to change the law to include the parents and children who are now being persecuted.  To put it bluntly, Mr. Sessions' statement came directly out of hell.

   At least we should be happy that he did not read from 1 Samuel 15:3, "Samuel, saying that he was speaking for the Lord, said to Saul, 'Go now, attack Amalek...  kill men and women, children and infants..."  This is a case of a leader of the people of God mistaking the people's own blood culture for the will of God.  Thankfully, Saul disobeyed Samuel and spared the people of Amalek.  Our politicians should not make similar mistakes against the people as Samuel made.    

   So knowing how to read the Bible is of maximum importance.  The Bible is God's unfolding revelation of love to God's chosen people, and through them to the whole world.  It is the story of the people's slowly unfolding understanding of God and God's love, and of their learning how to return God's love by living a life of gratitude, good will and love.

     For Christians of course, the Bible story reaches its glorious fulfillment in the birth, life, teaching, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and in his sending his Spirit to all peoples throughout the world, so that all people of good will and love can return themselves to God in love.

   It is God's all permeating love that we should see when we read the Bible.  First, of course, we see the printed words.  If we stop at this level of comprehension, we could say that the bible is a work of literature.  That is a literal reading of the Bible that is open to misinterpretation in accord with our own biases and prejudices.  To read the Bible correctly, we must look into the words and see God present and active in them with all of God's beautiful creative, healing and saving love.

     For example, a literal reading of the Bible makes the following story impossible to understand.  Jesus once asked Peter, "Who do you say that I am?"  Peter looked at Jesus and saw his human body and human soul, i.e., his "literal words."  So he could have said, "You are Jesus, our Teacher."  But Peter had a more sensitive consciousness.  He looked deeper and saw who Jesus truly was.  And he said, "You are the the Christ, the Son of the living God." (Mt. 16:16)  That's how we should read the Bible.

   The same is true when we look at people.  At first we see their physical shape and form, i.e., their "literal" meaning.  At this superficial level, we could see them as people whom we could use for our own benefit, or people whom we must compete with for financial dominance, or even people whom we could coldly disregard or even hate.      

   To Christians, the light of Christ is present, however dimly, even in the prejudiced, criminals and even terrorists.  In them, Christ is being crucified anew.  But in the poor, the displaced, the sick, vulnerable and outcast, the light of Christ shines very, very brightly.  It is this light of Christ being crucified, the light to which Mr. Sessions and President Trump are so glibly blind.  Finally, they loudly claim that such persecution is legal.  I would like to remind both of them that the Holocaust was legal. 
   Sometimes it's hard to say, "God bless America!"    


Friday, May 4, 2018


   On January 30, 2017 I wrote a Post about Jesus' statement to render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.  I pointed out that this was not Jesus telling his followers to stay out of politics.  It was a statement of how much he despised the Romans' cruel and heartless occupation of Israel.  He knew that the Romans would slaughter the Jews if they failed to pay their taxes.

   For Jesus to stay out of politics would be for him to stay out of his own humanity.  He came into the world as a fellow human to show us how to live, and this includes how to get involved in politics as Christians.

   House Speaker Paul Ryan's firing of Jesuit Chaplain, Fr. Pat Conroy,  was a perfect example of how a Christian--in fact, a Catholic--should not  express his politics.  And it is a disheartening example of the ignorance of our Faith that afflicts so many American Catholics and other Christians today.  Ryan's action was a sad capitulation to the low-level political wishes of some members of the House, including members who are Christians.  In their dangerously limited consciousness they could not see past their own political interests, which they limit to the preservation of their own jobs, with no care for the Great Reality within which they live and work.

   Speaker Ryan says he is a Catholic.  In fact, one writer called him a devout Catholic.  He should then see the Greater Reality of Truth that energizes his commitment to serve the people's general interest.  The Chaplain's prayer that the Republicans' Tax Bill be fair  to all people, especially to those in the lower income levels, meant nothing to Ryan and most of the Republicans.  It meant everything to Jesus. 

    The religious leaders in Jesus' time were also the political leaders and the wealthy of the land.  Jesus never hesitated to tell them what a bad job they were doing, most especially how they were oppressing the poor.  He went so far as to call them shining mausoleums filled with dead men's bones.  How's that for a political editorial today!

   Jesus' humanity placed him fully within this world.  He was not a mythical figure floating above the ground and never touching it.  He got so deeply involved in caring for the ordinary people, especially the poor, that the leaders couldn't tolerate him and finally had him crucified by the Romans.  How far is that from Ryan's telling the Chaplain not to get too close to politics?

   The question is not that we should be involved in politics but how we should be involved.  First of all, we should understand that the American separation of Church and State means that the Church organization and the State organization have the right to exist and carry out their own business without interfering with each other.  It guarantees our freedom of religion and the the freedom of our government to carry out its business.  It does not mean that Christians cannot be involved in politics.  If that were so, then we should not even vote.

    A great problem is that there are many American Christians who are not just involved in our political life but are trying to take control of it.  Some would turn America into a Theocracy with themselves in charge.  This is neither Christian nor American.  As Catholics we should humbly and strongly tell these Christian brothers and sisters of ours that they are a real danger to our country.

   So, how should American Christians get fully and effectively involved in our politics?  In general, our involvement as Christians should include that we fully expect our government to work for the fullness of our humanity in all things, e.g., our right to freedom and justice, especially in our economic activity, which includes the government's obligation to tax the people fairly and justly.  The shortages of money for such things as Medicare and Social Security are totally the result of the failure of government officials to do their job.  

   Also, our government should provide excellent education for our children, keep our infrastructure in good repair, and choose diplomacy and peace in our inter-connected, inter-related and inter-dependent world.  Our government should be merciful and give special preference for the poor, sick, vulnerable and outcast.  It should be truthful and intelligently and maturely face all challenges, successes and setbacks.

   The prayer that Fr. Conroy said about the Tax Bill is a good example of how Christians  should be involved in our political life.  He spoke the truth.  Speaker Ryan, however, does not seem to realize that politics is meant to protect, serve and elevate our humanity in and through truthful legislation. He does not seem to understand, as every Catholic should, that everything we do in this world, including our politics, should be aimed at building up the Kingdom of God on earth, i.e., the Reign of Overflowing Love, that Jesus prayed for, "Thy Kingdom come...on earth."  He, and all Christians, need to note what St. Irenaeus said in the 2nd century, "The glory of God is people fully alive."  American politics can and should be dedicated to helping our citizens and all peoples to be fully alive in good will and love, whether they are people of faith or of no faith.

   Certainly, it is all right for Christians to be Liberals or Conservatives, as long as we are all dedicated to the building up of our nation in justice, peace and love.  But the angry, contentious tone of today's politics is a disgrace to Christianity and makes a mockery of any Christian's claim to be acting in Jesus' name.

   Before we make the next contentious remark in Jesus' name, let us get on our knees, ask his forgiveness for misrepresenting Him, and start working ever more vigorously to raise our consciousness closer to that of Jesus.  And then as Catholics,  i.e., as people with a universal view, let us proclaim and implement the Good News of the overflowing love of Jesus for all our American brothers and sisters, as well as all the peoples of the world.