Sunday, October 6, 2019


   These days we are being challenged to choose the kind of world we want to live in.  We all live in various "worlds," e.g., the world that is our family, community, job, culture, church, ethnicity, political party, etc.  The problem is that we can use our various "worlds" to cut ourselves off from people who are different from us.  To the extent that we diminish our caring for all peoples and the entire earth, we diminish our humanity and our American soul.  "Catholic" means "Universal," or "Whole," so we should take a look at our American Catholic souls .   

   As Catholics we live in a world that is as big as the earth and that embraces everyone and everything on earth, without exception.  We may not like some aspects of our world.  In fact we should not like certain aspects, e.g., selfishness, greed, indifference, crime, religious disdain for "different" people, etc.  And we should agree that anything that puts the different parts of our world against one another, e.g., racism, sexism, political separation instead of compromise, suppression of the poor, etc., is not acceptable.  These negative and sometimes vicious aspects make up the "world" that Jesus said hates us Christians and hates him, and that we must avoid.  (John. 15:18)

   Our Catholic world is a world in which we accept everyone in the all-embracing love of Christ.  Even with all the world's imperfections--and we look to ourselves first to see the log in our own eye (Mt, 7:1)--we live in a world in which we must reach out to everyone.  Obviously we will disagree with some others but we must never permit our disagreements to become hostile separations.  And we must strongly disagree with all those, especially our political, economic and religious leaders, who foment separations and hostility.

   In our Catholic view, God is present throughout the world, and we recognize God's presence in the world as the universal, global Christ-Reality that Jesus was.  In sum, we see the world as the one beautiful Body of Christ.  And the Body of Christ is not to be divided by any hostility. 

   From the very beginning, God gave us dominion over the world, i.e., the responsibility to lovingly care for the earth and its creatures.  (Gen. 1:26)  Our responsibility to care for the earth and its inhabitants is a shining example of our human dignity.  Anything less than wholeness in love, any breaking up of our lives and of the earth into warring divisions corrupts and even destroys the wholeness of love and destroys our humanity and our Christianity.

   One big enemy of wholeness in love is our over-emphasis on individuality.  We must keep clearly in mind that while each of us is a unique individual, we are unique individuals in society.  We do not stand alone outside of society.  Everyone is our brother or sister.  We an only develop our individuality within society.

   Today's physicists help us understand our wholeness in love.  They tell us that the universe is made of consciousness and that we are all expressions of the one, universal consciousness.  We must never forget that we arise out of unity of consciousness and develop ourselves within unity and wholeness of consciousness.  We Catholics see unity and wholeness of consciousness as unity and wholeness in love.  The universe is made of unity and wholeness in love!  

    Sadly, our Catholic view of the wholeness of love is being attacked.  The attack includes the pressures on our family life, the collapse of our politics, the greed of corporations and their disregard for the ecology, and even our schools and universities that over-specialize and thus fail to give our children a wholistic picture of the world and of themselves.  All this leads to the disintegration of our American soul. 

    More sadly, this disintegration is being aided by some of us Catholics who have fallen into the tribal mindset of white privilege, and those who are permitting our political leaders to attack the rule of law and our Constitution.  Some of us are confusing politics with our Catholic faith! 

    In the Spirit and Love of Jesus, the global Christ, our Catholic world knows no bounds.  It is our Catholic vocation and duty to embrace the wholeness of our entire world and to work to bring the creative, healing and world transforming/evolving love of Christ to our nation and as far as possible, to the whole world.  Everyone is our neighbor to be loved and assisted, with special care for the poor, sick, vulnerable and outcast.  The whole world is sacred and to be cherished and protected.  A world that is smaller than a world of love for all the people and creatures of Earth is not acceptable to Christ and should not be acceptable to us.





Tuesday, August 13, 2019


     Years ago when I was doing my doctoral studies in Rome I met an American missionary priest who's order ministered in Africa.  One day I said to him, "So, you are going to bring Christ to Africa."  He said, "No.  We don't have to bring Christ to Africa.  He is already there.  And he is black."

     He was of course not referring to the Jewish Jesus, who was not black.  He was referring to the global Christ Reality, who is Divinity present in every person of every color, gender, nationality, creed, social standing, economic standing, or sexual orientation.  In particular, my friend was preparing to minister to the black Christ whom he found in the native Africans.  

     At the Second Vatican Council the Africans made it clear that they indeed had a Black African Christ and a Black African Catholicism.  They had Masses at which they beat drums, chanted in their own language and danced in their own way to express the joy of Africa at having received the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The Council confirmed the validity of Africa's Black Christ, along with the validity of every ethnic expression of Christ throughout the world.

    So we can ask, "What color is the American Christ?"  Given the collapsed condition of our society, many of us would say--even insist--that the American Christ is white.  No!  "Christ" means "The anointed One."  Every individual, every ethnic group is Christ-ed, i.e., anointed with divinity.  So to Catholic eyes, the American Christ is European white, African black, Latino and Mid-eastern brown, Oriental yellow, and Native America red.   All expressions of the American Christ are blessed with equal dignity, respect and the right to strive toward a full life in peace, justice and love.  In the American Christ, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is enjoyed by all!

   Our fallen society requires us to be the everyday mystics that we are, and to act upon what we see with prophetic vigor.  To be a mystic is simply to see what is hidden from the unbeliever's eyes.  Each of us has the mystical gift to open our eyes and see the one sacred humanity that we share with everyone without exception.  With this gift comes the responsibility to never see anyone as an "other" whom we can treat as less than human.  

    Clearly, the victims of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, and elsewhere were our brothers and sisters in Christ.  And not so obviously to too many of us, so are the shooters.  But today's social atmosphere tends to separate us to a dangerous degree.  I am old enough to remember the old neighborhood where my mother knew what I had done wrong before I got home.          

    Today, we are dangerously separated from one another.  We break up the one, sacred body of Christ into lifeless pieces. For example, when ICE took away 680 undocumented immigrants from their families, they inhumanly left little children behind crying in agony.  The photo of the devastated little girl seared our very souls.  Their leader said that ICE is a law enforcement agency, not a social service agency.  If he had recognized the American Christ, he would have said, "ICE is an agency that enforces the law.  But we will not not act until there are people who can take care of the children who will suffer because of what we are about to do."  That of course did not happen, and we were left with a heart-wrenching experience of inhumanity.  At that raid, Christ bled on the Cross and some of our fellow Americans did not care.

   In a very dangerous way, America is now an arid spiritual desert.  Our American brothers and sisters who say they are Christians and who are white supremacists, or those who would attack or even kill a gay person, or who say nothing when immigrant children are pulled from their parent's arms, worship a false Christ, an ugly Christ, a Christ who is dangerous and to be feared.

   This is not a time to be shallow or weak.  We must hear anew the ancient prophet Isiah calling from the desert to, "Prepare the way of the Lord.  Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God." (Is. 40:3)  Centuries later, St. John the Baptist confirmed that Isiah was calling for us to prepare the way for Jesus, the Christ. (Mt. 3:3)

   Today the call is going out again.  Far too many of us have fallen into a swamp of self-serving spiritual shallowness.  It is time to shout, "No!  We will not accept the status quo!"

   It is time for us to repair our torn social fabric so that we can be true neighbors again.  We must rethink and re-pray our severely corrupt politics and economics that are producing ever more profits for the few privileged ones to the deep detriment of the rest of us.  

    It is time to rethink our educational system so that it will graduate truly educated and humanized students who see themselves as Americans committed to cooperating with and caring for their American brothers and sisters even as they compete fairly with one another for prestige and wealth.  It is time to demand in the name of the American Christ of many colors and ethnicities that we have justice for all with special care for the poor, sick, vulnerable and outcast.

   We must awaken to and welcome the American Christ in all his glorious colors and ethnicities. The need is so great that for anyone to call him or herself a Christian and then reject any of our American brothers and sisters in Christ, including legitimate immigrants and refugees, is to work to destroy our society and our country in a most anti-Christian, even hellish way.



Friday, August 2, 2019


   How can so many of us who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ be followers of Donald Trump?  In the light of the Spirit of Christ we need to take a very serious look at ourselves.

   Unless we have blinded ourselves with cold indifference, our sacred faith should have clearly shown us that from the moment in 2015 when Trump descended the moving stairs in Trump Tower and viciously attacked Mexican immigrants, he was a politically, socially and spiritually dangerous man.

   Our sacred faith should then have deepened our concern when he went on to attack people of color, women, and anyone whom he sees as opposing his personal needs.  How could so many of us quietly stand by and watch him choose mindlessly and heartlessly obedient consultants and cabinet members?

   How could we condone the shameful Republican representatives and senators who have thrown away their patriotism and the high principles of their party in order to aid and abet Trump in his ongoing attack against the rule of law and our democracy?

   How could so many of us act as if our faith is dead?  Donald Trump is our spiritual brother.  We owe him familial correction.  So how it is it possible that, instead of correcting our brother, so many of us are in agreement with his hatred for immigrants and for people of color, or of the Muslim faith?

   I sadly believe that many of us have suffered a moral and spiritual collapse, in sum in a collapse of faith that is marked by shallowness, ignorance, fear, anger and outright hate.  Too many of us have gone numb in our faith and are permitting Trump's vicious, anti-Christian attacks on the very people that Jesus said we should care most about, namely the poor, sick, vulnerable and outcast.  We not only permit Trump to continue his anti-Christian attacks; many of us actually cheer him on, even to the point of chanting disgustingly anti-Christian ugliness like, "Send them back!"

   How much moral and spiritual collapse is necessary to make the Fox TV commentators acceptable?

   It seems quite clear that something has gone wrong with our sense of Christ and Christianity.   Many Catholics and Protestants have lost touch with Christ and with the people Christ so dearly loves.  And it is eroding our country.  It is eroding our minds and hearts.  It is eroding our very souls.  We know better, and we should do better.  Shame on us!

   There are important reasons connected to our spiritual collapse.  In the 1960's the Catholic Church recognized that it had been out of touch with its own laity and with the everyday world for the past 400 years.  Walled up in its pompous legalistic structures it condemned the Protestants and began preaching at the everyday world instead of within the everyday world as Jesus did.

   The Second Vatican Council was called together in order to re-form the Church and move it into the everyday world so that Catholics, together with all people of good will and love, could work together to help make the world more lovingly and luminously human in the Spirit of oneness, peace and love.  But the necessary spiritual formation of the laity outlined by the Council was never implemented.  And then the plague of sex abuse of children by the clergy was revealed.  It is still not being handled effectively.  

   Unaided by a clergy that is not educated in forming the laity in our everyday lives, we Catholics are very much left to ourselves to search for how to live our lives of family, community, education, work and business, and politics in the creative, healing and world-transforming Spirit of Christ.  In this spiritual vacuum, some of us have turned to Trump, unable or unwilling to see that he is using us only for his own aggrandizement and profit.  

    Many of our Evangelical brothers and sisters are also sadly showing their own inability to discern the Spirit of Christ and recognize the evil that Trump represents.  In the Spirit of Christ, let's be truthful:  there is a strong sense that many Evangelicals agree with the ugly notion of White Privilege that Trump espouses in his every activity.  How can any of us agree with, or even tolerate, Trump's animosity toward Central Americans who are fleeing for their lives from murdering gangs and drug lords whom we helped create by buying their drugs.  How many of us agree with Trump's hatred for our fellow African and Puerto Rican Americans?      

   Something has gone wrong with our sense of Christ and Christianity.  For example, what good is it to be against abortion if we are so willing to abort the deepest human rights of the people that Trump hates?  Trump did not choose those of us who are haters to be his base.  Those of us who are haters chose Trump to be our president.  This mocks Christ and Christianity.  

   Too many of us are letting Trump use our anxiety about our changing social landscape to stoke fear, anger and hate against our brother and sister Americans, and those who would take shelter in America.  We must not let him make us forget that America is not a nation of one ethnic people,but is a very beautiful and even sacred idea that people of all colors, creeds and ethnic backgrounds can live together and thrive in justice, peace and neighborly love.  It is imperative that all American Christians work together with all people of good will to protect our sacred idea and move it forward in justice and peace.

   Jesus said, "What you did [to help] the least of these, you did to me. (Mt. 25:40)  Today we can say, "What we are allowing Trump and his enablers to do to those who are not of our preferred color, to those seeking asylum from oppression, to those yearning for citizenship as our prior family members did, to those children and parents who were brutally separated, to those children still in cages, to those fellow Americans whom Trump would insanely "deport" from their own country--all of this we are doing to Christ.  Shame on us!

   Dear God, forgive us our blindness.  Awaken us to who we truly are in your loving Spirit so we can be the light to the world that you call and empower us to be.  Bless our beloved America, with self-giving love for all our brothers and sisters of whatever ethnicity, color or creed.   Dear God...  Dear God, please save us from ourselves.  Amen 




Friday, July 12, 2019


   Sadly, these days many of us our having trouble understanding what our Christian faith is all about.  I'm especially concerned with our fellow Christians who are mistaking their personal political views for expressions of Faith.

   A severely anti-Christian example is coming from our fellow Christians who are aiming their wrath at immigrants with brown skin, while crusading for a return to a time of White privilege.  How could some of us agree with our president who imprisons innocents and tears children out of parents' arms.  How could we refuse to acknowledge that many of these people from countries south of the border are legally seeking asylum from drug corrupted countries?  How could our fellow Christians not see that our president's mistreatment of them is directly from hell?

   Speaking of drugs, how could our American Christian brothers and sisters not see that if there was no market for drugs here in the U. S., the drugs would not be sent here?  How could the People of Jesus Christ fail to see the wooden beam in our own eye? (Mt. 7:3)  How could we forget Jesus Christ and his sacred self-sacrificing love for us and proclaim as our savior, a president whose only motivation is to use people for his own self-aggrandizement.  

   My answer is that too many of us Christians have forgotten what our faith means and how it truly empowers us to act in today's society and culture that we ourselves have helped create.  

   Our faith is not a set of dogmas and moral laws.  These are important but they are only guides to living our faith.  They are not our faith itself.  Our faith may be described as our deep, loving, life-inspiring sense of belonging to God.  Our faith comes to us directly from God, who fills us with divine presence and thus with the life-evolving and life-fulfilling energy of love.

   Contrary to what some of us appear to believe, our faith is not totally identified with our American economic system, politics or culture.   Our faith is intended to influence and enliven and where necessary correct our humanity itself and therefore our educational and economic systems, and our politics and culture.  

   Our faith tells us that God is present and active deep within us, forming, enlivening and empowering us to live a life of reasoned, creative, healing and self-giving love for everyone and everything without exception.

   Our faith is the soul of our life as individuals, families, communities, neighbors, citizens, voters, employees and employers, political leaders, service people, professionals, and all others.

   If our faith had a color it would be blood red.  Today, too many of us are suffering from spiritual anemia.  The greatest enemy of our faith is our superficiality, which moves us to substitute our prejudices, fears and even our anger for our truly human gifts of reason and love.  Without true, red-blooded faith, we easily fall victim to those who incite our basest emotions and mislead us for their own benefit.  It becomes all too easy for our true humanity to be attacked and perverted by self-serving, cowardly government leaders and by salacious radio, TV and Internet commentators.  If asked, some of them would say that they are Christians, while they daily spew hate-filled, self serving propaganda to  willing viewers and listeners.

   The sad, even tragic result of our superficiality is that too many of us Christians are so caught up in our own fears and hatred that we are not qualified to be the prophetic people that God is so urgently calling us to be.

    Prophets do not fall for the superficial and squalid features of our society.  They do not live and act at the periphery of our society and culture but immerse themselves in or society and culture and speak and act from the living depth of our society and culture where Divinity is clearest and most powerful.  From within their deep sense of  loving belongingness to Divinity and to the everyday world, they speak not in religious language, which today's society simply disregards (and helps explain why today's clerical churches are losing members), but in the everyday language of today's education, politics, economics, labor, families, professions, etc. in a way that we can all understand,  relate to and act upon.

   They know with great clarity the kind of people we should vote for, the kind that should have corporate and economic power, the kind who should be teaching in our schools, the kind who make the truest and most loving families, etc., etc.  And they know what all these leaders must do to truly enhance our beautiful humanity. 

   But if we live a shallow faith we will not understand the prophets and not heed their saving guidance.  We will allow loveless people of narrow minds and self-serving  hatred to have power over us.   As the People of Christ we should know better.  In truth, we must know better. 

   Finally, we Christians must not be naive.  In a society infected with all kinds of wolves, we must be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves. (Mt. 10:16).  With true, deep, strong, living faith, and only with such faith, as humble prophets, we will revisit our faith and Christianity itself, and shrewdly and simply recognize and reject those who are deceiving us as we work together with all people of good will for the good of all people and the environment without exception, and with special preference for the poor, sick, vulnerable and outcast.    





Monday, June 17, 2019


   On September 11, 2001, we were attacked by terrorists and we responded as one country, determined not to be disheartened but to proclaim and even intensify our American values of one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

   In January, 2018, Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States, and immediately began to attack the deepest principles of liberty and justice that we stand for.  His attack continues to this day and is aided and abetted by toxic Cabinet and Congressional members, and by the almost-traitorous propaganda pouring from self-degraded commentators on Fox TV.

   Trump's attack on America is having a much deeper and more dangerous effect than the 9-11 attack.  The 9-11 terrorists strengthened our unity and determination to make America the country that the whole world can admire.  Conversely, with his dishonest slogan, "Make America Great Again" Trump's attack has debased our country and has victimized millions of Americans whom he is intentionally misleading.  

   Trump's attack is political:  he is attacking our Constitution and our rule of law.  It is also immoral.  He is acting in contradiction to the basic laws of morality and good will.  And it is also and most deeply, spiritual.  He is attacking our consciousness of who we are as Americans and even more deeply, as humans.  

   What does it mean to be human?  The spiritual answer is that we are expressions of sacred, humanized consciousness, created in the image and likeness of Divine Consciousness, Who is Creative, Healing and World-transforming Love.  We are creative, healing and world-transforming love in human, physical form.  

   As I have described in other Posts, our physical form and the three dimensional physical world we live in is the product of our consciousness.  Here I will just point out that in the Spirit of Jesus Christ we are fully responsible to make our 3D physical world a world of creative, healing and world-transforming love.

   President Trump and his enablers are attacking the very purpose of who we are and more deeply, the very essence of who we are.  In sum, they are attacking our sacred humanity.  Let us review what it means to be human.

   As humans, each of us is one whole, conscious person who acts on several levels:  1)  on the physical level of our senses; 2) on the level of our emotions; 3) on the level of our mind.  We must pay special attention to our mind because is presents to us a dualistic world, i.e., a world of male and female, one ethnic group and another ethnic group, rich and poor, one religion and another religion, etc. 
   The spiritual level is our consciousness of our human wholeness in love.  It permeates and unifies all the levels of our humanity, and thus make us whole persons.  It gives us our essential consciousness of human wholeness and love.  Without the all-permeating spiritual level, we are not human persons, we are fragmented creatures who act in fragmented, often hostile and destructive ways.  

   President Trump and his associates are tearing our human wholeness apart.    

   Also, as humans we are both unique individuals and social members of society

   As unique individuals we have our own individual consciousness and destiny.  If we separate ourselves from others and live for ourselves alone, we will become narcissists, autocrats, psychopaths, sociopaths, gang members or terrorists.  We will be hypocrites and  sell our souls to the highest bidder for profit.     

   As social beings we join with others in families, societies, political parties, schools, businesses, churches, etc., within which we build a society of order, justice, peace, respect gratitude, and the joy of living.  Moreover it is only within a positive society that we clarify, enjoy and fulfill our uniqueness.   

   Our social nature has its own dangers.  We can give up our unique identity in order follow others, to belong.  Negatively, we can be unthinking, mindless followers of politicians or cults.  We can fall victim to the dangerous mindlessness that lurks in the online groups such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

   As I have mentioned in other Posts, each of us has our own talents and opportunities--large or small--to work to bring the creative, healing and world-transforming power of love into our society, and thus fulfill our sacred humanity.  It is imperative at this time that we re-examine our personal vocations and act with ever greater determination and humility to defend against the present attack on our humanity by building up in any way we can, large or small, the world of all pervasive love.  

   Whatever we do, we do for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ, to whom be honor and glory now and forever.  Amen.

    A personal postscript:  When I began this little blog, I had no idea how it would turn out.  I just said a prayer and began writing.  At this time, this blog has been read by people in 96 countries.  That's half the countries in the world!  So nothing is too small to do.  We must just do whatever we can, and leave the results to God.  







Tuesday, April 23, 2019


    It is totally understandable thaJesus' resurrection was a surprise to his first followers.  How else could a frightened, despondent little group of apostles and disciples have felt when they realized that Jesus had conquered death itself?    

    Throughout the centuries, we have come to better understand what happened that first Easter morning.  The inevitability of Easter has become clear.  Easter has been there all the time.

   Let's go back--way back.  At the first moment of creation the newborn universe was dark and chaotic.  Immediately, the Spirit blew over the dark chaos and in a flash, there was light.  The newly evolving universe began moving from darkness to light, from death to resurrection.  Easter had begun.

   Note how the Bible describes the days of creation in terms of movement from darkness to light, from death to resurrection:  "and the evening and morning was the first, second, etc., day."  To the ancient Hebrews, darkness denoted chaos, and light denoted cosmos:  order and beauty.  (We use the word "cosmos" in our word, "cosmetics.")  Every day is a movement from death to resurrection, as is the movement from winter to spring.

   The ancient story of the flood is a story of stormy darkness and the resurrection of saving light.  So is the story of Jonah and the whale.  And especially, we have the starry night of Christmas, of Jesus' birth that made the bright morning of Easter inevitable.

   Easter is our guide from hopelessness and despair, even in the world's darkest moments.  In the Easter grace of Jesus' resurrection, we are able to evolve from our birth in imperfection, through our downfalls, to our own and society's constant resurrection in the loving arms of Divine Love.   

   Even now, in our space/time darkness, we already live in Easter.  To put it more clearly, even now, the eternal glory of Easter lives within us.  To those of us who have been blessed with eyes to see, the world, in fact the entire universe, is brightly alive with God's indwelling  presence.  Each Easter Sunday calls us anew to rejoice in Jesus' resurrected life and to work ever more diligently, one step at a time according to our talents and opportunities, to help make his wondrous, saving Spirit become more effective in ourselves, our families, communities, nations and the whole world.

   At Easter time, we look into the world, and see the glorious joy of eternal life, thanks to Jesus' resurrection, within all the peoples of the world, no matter how deeply it may be hidden.  In all of nature and in all the universe, we proclaim the Risen Jesus who is our eternal Truth and Life.



Friday, April 12, 2019


   As we approach Good Friday we lament the fact that spiritual darkness has fallen over America.  Just this week, Attorney General Barr is doing all he can to hide the full Muller report from the Congress and a properly prepared report from the public.  And Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is flirting with illegality by obstructing the release of President Trump's taxes. 

   In the House and Senate almost all the Representatives and Senators caught in Trump's spell continue to enable him to attack the Rule of Law.  They even attack their oath of office by doing nothing to help our country for fear of not being re-elected, so they can continue to do nothing, and be re-elected, and so on and so on.  

    I can see all these government officials standing near the cross upon which Jesus is bleeding and gasping for air, and saying, "Too bad.  His suffering and the people he is suffering for have nothing to do with us."

   It is terrible to see how far they have fallen and how much suffering they are inflicting upon our country and even upon the world.  It is equally terrible to see that 35 to 40% of us Americans continue to fall in line with Trump's dehumanized and dehumanizing agenda.

   On this Good Friday every spiritually mature person is called, challenged and enabled by God to work to understand as effectively as possible why so many Americans--very many of them Christians--are actively working against our American Rule of Law and our values of freedom, equality and justice for all Americans regardless of gender, sexual persuasion, color or creed.   And why are so many working against their own self-interest and self-good?  How could so many of us have so easily become infected by our toxic president and his spiritually diseased values?

    To begin with, I hold that our schools, churches and many corporations have lost sight of our best intellectual, moral and spiritual values.  How much hate is being preached from American pulpits?  What humanly enriching education is being offered in our schools?  How much profit and wealth are enough for the super-rich?  Where are the Christians in these vital institutions?

   This Good Friday I can't imagine any Christians going to church and praying to God to rid them of their imagined enemies such as endangered immigrants, people of color, homosexuals, and other whom they consider unworthy of their Christian love and care.  Yet it will happen.  

    After Easter, children will go back to schools that are failing to educate them.  Hate will continue to pour from many pulpits and even many homes.  Exorbitant profits will continue to pour into our corporations, who don't pay their employees living wages.  The poor, weak and outcast will continue to search for opportunities and justice.

   And on our American Good Friday, Jesus will continue to bleed and gasp for air.