Friday, September 16, 2016


We believe in Infinite, Eternal, Living LOVE,
   Creator of the universe and its unfolding evolution.

We believe that LOVE anoints the universe,
   Filling the universe with the presence of LOVE,
   A union that we call the Cosmic CHRIST.

We believe in Jesus, who was the Cosmic CHRIST:
   Creative, Healing and World-Evolving LOVE
   in human form.

We believe that Jesus was sent by Infinite, Eternal, Living LOVE
  To be our loving brother, one with us in LOVE.

But because we sinned, he also humbly became our Crucified Savior,
   Who died and rose again, for LOVE lives forever.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,
  Who is the Divine Energy of Christ's
  Live-evolving, world-evolving LOVE

We believe that we are the People of LOVE,
  Called and empowered by Christ's Spirit
  to keep the Kingdom of LOVE on earth evolving
  Until Jesus returns and changes us and earth
  into the Eternal Kingdom of LOVE that we call Heaven.