Monday, December 10, 2012


   Many years ago, when I was in college, I wrote this ballad, taking the idea from a short movie I had seen.  I offer it to you, my readers, along with my Christmas greetings and my prayer for wonderful blessings for all of you.

                                               A CHRISTMAS BALLAD

Across the moonlit desert sands                     "Hold on!" said the proprietor,
   The mission bells were ringing,                       "I can't do that for you!"
'Twas Christmas eve, and in the night             But then he looked again and said,
   Three happy men were singing.                       "I'll see what I can do."

In coming home from Prairie Town,                 "Maria," said the Mexican,            
  They'd seen the Christmas fair,                         "Have courage dear, and pray."
And luckily, these cowboys three                     Maria smiled, then bowed her head
  Had won some prized there.                              And answered, "Yes, Jose'."

The first one had a cuckoo clock,                    Then back came the proprietor,     
   With features quite bizarre;                               And slowly shook his head.
The second had a kewpie doll,                        "The only place to stay," said he,   
   The third, a green guitar.                                   "Is outside, in the shed."

Between their carols, as they rode,                   "God bless you," said the Mexican.   
   They spoke of the delight                                   And then the lonely pair 
The prizes that they each had won                    Withdrew to find their resting place
   Would bring their folks that night.                       Out in the desert air.

Then, in the sky they saw a star,                        Now by this time, the cowboys three
   It's brightness rose and fell;                                Were nearing the motel;
'Twas the electric emblem                                  Their caroling still rent the air,
   Of the Texas Star Motel.                                     And all was going well.

"Let's stop a while," one cowboy said,                And as they passed the little shed,
   "We've time and home in near.                            That stood down by a hill,
Let's join the travelers at the inn                          They saw a light and turned to look,
   And drink the season's cheer."                             The sight there stopped them still.

The other two, they quick agreed,                       A man was kneeling down in prayer,
   The inn was not too far;                                        A woman knelt close by;
And so each turned his sturdy steed                   And from some hay between the two,
   And started for the star.                                        There came a baby's cry!

Now at the inn the atmosphere                            The cowboys three, they went to see
   Was extra warm and bright,                                    This fascinating sight;
For many people traveling home                          And they remembered vividly
   Had stopped there for the night.                              That other Holy Night,   

The overjoyed proprietor                                      When Wise Men three came bearing gifts
   Was counting each receipt;                                   Across a desert far;   
His inn was full; his wine, well stocked;                And how they found the Holy Child, 
    His happiness, complete.                                      By following a star.

When through the din a quiet knock                     Now they too, wished to give some gift
   Was heard upon the door.                                      To this poor couple's son;
"Too bad," thought the proprietor,                        They wondered what, and then
   "I haven't room for more."                                        They spied the prizes they had won. 
The door came slowly open,                                The first one gave his cuckoo clock, 
   A Mexican stepped in;                                              With features quite bizarre;
Behind him slowly came his wife,                         The second gave his kewpie doll;
   Her face was dark and thin.                                      The third, his green guitar.

"Please, Mister," said the Mexican,                       Across the moonlit desert sands    
   "My wife, she very sick!                                            The mission bells were ringing;
Please give her some warm place to stay,           'Twas Christmas Eve, and in the night
   And get a doctor, quick!"                                           Three happy men were singing.

                                                Merry Christmas

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