Monday, April 30, 2012

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    Vatican II taught that the laity are spiritually empowered and responsible to act, even on their own initiative, within our one Catholic faith, to uplift and correct today's society and culture. (Catechism, 899, 900ff). But this is not happening. Even though the Council's teachings have been placed in the Catechism, the Council was never fully implemented.

    The world is suffering.  Waiting is not an option.  We can help one another right now.  We are 21st century, American expressions of Christ, called and empowered to act here and now.  We must know how to act as effectively as possible to bring Christ's salvation to our society and culture today.  And we must act effectively.  

   This blog is a place to help appreciate and successfully act upon our spiritual gifts, talents, possibilities, opportunities and challenges--and to discuss how we are already discerning and acting.  

   The Tabbed Pages contain information to help in the conversation.  For example, 
    Click on the Experiencing God Today tab.  How are you discerning and using your own gifts, talents, possibilities and opportunities to fulfill yourself and uplift and correct that part of our society and culture that you're involved in on a daily basis? 

   Click on the Spiritual Disciplines tab.  How are you applying the Spiritual Disciplines in your individual life, your marriage, your work, your neighborhood school, politics, science, the arts etc., without imposing your religion on anyone?  

   Click on the Principles of Social Justice tab.  What are you doing to help the poor, to protect workers' rights, to foster good education, to make it possible for all to have health care, etc.?  How can we discuss these issues without descending into partisan talking points, but rather basing our discussion on the common good as contained in the principles of Catholic Social Justice?  

   Let us help one another along our way in Christ.