Friday, June 1, 2012

Waiting For a Verdict

   The Philadelphia trial of Msgr. William Lynn, who is accused of conspiring to keep predator priests in parishes, is now in the hands and hearts of the jury.  As a former professor at Philadelphia's St. Charles Seminary (dispensed from the clergy in 1970) I have literally cried as I read the names of my former students and priest friends who have abused and raped children.

   Over the past decade, my wife and I have met several victim/survivors.  We especially grieve for Jim Kelly, who committed suicide.  

   No matter what the verdict in Lynn's trial, we must continue to focus on changing the spiritually corrupt system that required Lynn to mindlessly obey orders and lie, thereby endangering children.  The church's system of obedience is clearly not of God.  It pertains to the curse of Christ, who said that those who permit children to be harmed should tie a millstone around their necks and be drowned.  The stark clarity of this curse points out the darkness of the system that has continued to disregard it to this day.

   As this blog will continue to focus on how we can all become clearer and more effective expressions of Christ in today's society and culture, it will also focus on how we can more quickly bring about the change in the church's authority structure that is so urgently needed.

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