Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spiritual Priorities

   I'm going to take a cue from Sister Joan Chittister and not say, "Catholic social justice," but rather say, "Catholic life."  In fact, if Sister will permit me, I'll translate her phrase into, "Life-in-Christ."  When it comes to Health Care, life in Christ, calls for providing health care coverage for every person.  In fact, life-in-Christ considers health care a human right.  

   Today our Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act is constitutional.  Opponents immediately declared that they disagree with the court's decision and will fight to have the Act repealed.  So, as 21st century Catholics, we have an extremely important spiritual situation on our hands.  We must fight to keep some form of health care for all.  Whatever form that may eventually take is up to our government.  Our concern is that it happen, and that it be just and affordable.   

   We don't have to be lawyers or politicians to participate in this fight.  We are already baptized Catholics and that gives us a legitimate place in the fight.  But we do have to be discerning Catholics.  We have to look into the discussion to see what there is of God in it and what there is of rank, self-serving politics.  And we should be vocal in proclaiming what is of God and exposing what is self-serving politics.  We owe it to God, to ourselves individually, and to the common good.

   Citizens of other countries can find similar spiritual challenges.  

   Here is an excellent opportunity to express our participation in Christ's prophetic and kingly office (cf. the TRANSFORMING SOCIETY page).  Changing our church's criminal authority structure will take a great deal of time.  This is something we can do right now.

   People are suffering.  Waiting is not an option.       

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