Sunday, January 1, 2017


   This new year brings with it a special concern for us Americans and for people all over the world.  Our many divisions are all too clear. 

   The early signs are ominous, especially in the areas of terrorism, racism, anti-feminism, income inequality, nativism, climate change, and world peace.  

    Congress is set to attack Health Care and the long standing financial and social help for those who need it most. 

   So I am especially pessimistic this New Year's day.  And yet I have my Christian Hope.  Hope enlightens us to see that there is a better, more luminously human way to live.  And Hope challenges and empowers us to speak out and stand in the way of the negative forces that appear to be ready to come  our way this year.     

    No matter what the odds, the Kingdom of God on earth that Jesus prayed to come, can be built up, however slowly, even now.  We all have our own sphere of influence, however small or large.  We all need to get involved, so that Hope can bear some fruit this year. 

    In the light and grace of our Christian Hope I wish everyone, here and throughout the world, a Happy New Year.


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