Wednesday, August 31, 2016


   I have re-written the Page, "An Evolution Story" and given it a new title, "A NEW CREATION STORY."  I invite you to re-read the page.

   This was necessary because our church today is presenting an understanding of God that is driving many people away from the church, and even some into atheism.  

   In the past half century our understanding of God has evolved to the point where it is absolutely necessary to present the new understanding or continue to become less and less an influence in today's society.  I especially hope this new understanding will be attractive to the young readers of this blog.

   The new understanding of God is presented in terms of the evolution of the universe and the earth.  St. Thomas Aquinas said that we we don't understand creation well, we won't understand God well. The time has come for the church to understand creation well.  

   Today we don't find God by looking backward; we find God by looking forward.  God is within us and today's world calling us from the future into the future.  Our way to God, our spiritual life, is an ever evolving journey into the future possibilities that Christ opened to us by the quantum leap of his life Pentecostal gift of new, life-giving, life-evolving grace.  

   I will appreciate any comments and suggestions you may have to help make my new page more clear, accurate and relevant to your spiritual life.


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