Thursday, January 14, 2016


  Today, I want to send a special "Hello" to the large group of readers from Russia who log on all together every ten days or so. 

  Back in 1989, when my wife and I were living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, among the peace loving Amish people, a group of Russians from the Soviet Peace Committee visited the area to meet the Amish "people of peace."  They came to our home and we brought them to visit our Amish neighbors.  They had a wonderful visit with the Amish family and then we all enjoyed lunch at our house.  At the time, I learned the Russian word for peace.

  And now I offer MIR to my Russian readers and to all my readers and to the world.  I pray that this blog helps to bring peace in its own way.

  To all my readers, I would like to know how I can serve you better. I would appreciate your sending questions and comments.  At the bottom of this post there is a link for you to send comments.  You can also email me privately at 


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