Thursday, December 19, 2013


   On December 5th, the Fox Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA  honored me at a "Leadership Event," for my 50 years' effort to keep Vatican II alive and bring the Catholic church into the 21st century.

   The audience included Penn students and faculty, along with the Penn Newman Center ministry, where I ministered from 1965 to 1970; three deacons from St. Charles Seminary, where I was a faculty member; and a three-person panel:  a Rabbi, the Protestant University President, and a Jesuit priest who had been President of Catholic University in Washington, DC.

   Dr. John DiIulio, Fox Professor, was the host.  After introducing me, he showed 17 minutes of an 80 minute video that Fox produced of me.  You can get a look at me by going to  In the upper left hand corner of the page that comes up, click on History and look for the video titled: Lessons in Leadership--and Life  -- Anthony T. Massimini.

   The evening ended with a wonderful dinner.

   I share this honor with you because, during the evening, I quipped that the best definition of a leader I ever heard is that a leader is "someone who has followers."  So I share the leadership honor with you who read this blog.  


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