Sunday, July 8, 2012


   A spiritually mature person uses his/her imagination.  Imagination begets Intention.  Intention begets Action.  So let's begin to imagine what 21st century Catholics would be like in a 21st century church.

   Imagine working together--in person, by email, in blogs, texting, etc.--to discern the signs of the times and thereby:
   a. clearly discern your own vocation, i.e., in education, work or profession, marriage and family, etc.
   b. actively and effectively participate in Christ's priestly, prophetic and kingly office in today's society and culture.  (See the page: TRANSFORMING SOCIETY TODAY)

   Imagine having well-informed, spiritually mature priests involved in the discussion, more clearly discerning ways to fulfill their own vocations, especially more spiritually helpful ways to relate to their parishioners.  

   Imagine everyone freely discussing whatever subject they discern to be important.  All will compare their discernment with the established teachings of the church to see, if necessary, where and how the established teachings may be updated and even changed. While everyone understands and accepts that any particular discernment will not automatically be true and thereby call for a change in the moral teachings of the church, everyone will demand that their collective discernment be listened to, respected and responded to in accord with the church's living and evolving Tradition. The role of a well-informed conscience and mature self-responsibility will be stressed.

  Imagine people with the same interests or in the same field forming sub-groups, e.g., parents, teachers, workers, business owners, health professionals, lawyers, scientists, artists, electronic experts, etc.

  Imagine having access to appropriate theological and spiritual consultation from experts and spiritually mature mentors. (The Various Pages of this Blog are a start.)

  Imagine living your faith openly as your participation in and expression of the life of Christ, with all its vitality and saving possibilities.  Imagine inviting others, especially the young and new graduates, to join with you in living their own life in Christ according to their age and discernment.

  Imagine a center, e.g., a web site, someone's home, a meeting hall, the parish building, where you can meet from time to time, and where people can contact your group and join in living the way of Christ in a 21st century way.

We'll continue this imagining in other posts.


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