Friday, May 4, 2012

Protect Our Children

 I highly recommend the blog, www.catholics4change for information concerning the Philadelphia sex abuse trial and for mobilizing concerned people to protect our children from sex abuse.

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  1. Anthony,

    I just spent 30 minutes doing an initial exploration of your blog. Quite frankly, I was personally overwhelmed by the number of times I came across the word "spirituality," a word I naturally associate with faith.

    Six years ago, it was reason that led me to leave the Church. It is reason, today, that drives my advocacy for justice for victims, the protection of children, and for change and reform in the Church. Rarely do I ever think about the things I advocate for in a way other than logically. I advocate for them because they strain or defy how reason and logic inform me.

    Right now, it seems that the things that obstruct what I advocate for are institutions, systems, cultures and laws. They are real. Because they are, to undo them, reform them, and re-articulate them, demands reason and logic.

    In the far recesses of my mind, I know that what I advocate for falls within the realm of social justice, are intended to be socially transformative, and are spiritual. But, for the life of me, I am unable to synthesize the spiritual with the logical, or experience them simultaneously, or unify them so, together, they positively affect and enrich my advocacy work.

    You could say I'm on "spirituality disconnect" because I am horrified by the injustices, crime, conspiracy, dysfunction, immorality, etc. It is enough to have to bring a good, informed, knowledgeable and logical mind to it in order to affect it. In the scheme of things, spirituality is obscured, even lost.

    I look forward to your blog developing. Thank you for your work.