Sunday, December 1, 2019


  The Impeachment Inquiry is challenging us to review our allegiance to our political party, to our country and to God.

   Some may argue, "Wait! We must keep our religion out of our politics!"  True, if by that we mean that America must never adopt any official religion for our country.  But that does not mean that we must keep God our of our politics.  Our Catholic faith tells us that God is present in the entire universe, and therefore is present in everyone on earth and in everything we do.

   At the burning bush, God told Moses, "I Am Who I AM," and then simply, "I AM."  In our language God is EXISTENCE.  If EXISTENCE  is not present is something or someone, that thing or person would not exist.

   God's presence in the entire universe, the world and in all of us, has a name. It is "Christ," which means "anointed."  God "Christs," i.e., anoints the universe with Divine presence, making the universe and everything and everyone in it sacred.  When we vote, we vote as sacred people who are fulfilling a sacred responsibility to one another, to our government and to our country.

   Jesus is our perfect example of Someone who acted in a sacred way in everything he did.  He was actively involved in the politics of his day, preaching and acting for the greatest possible order, justice, peace and love for everyone without exception, with special care for the poor, sick, the vulnerable, the stranger and the outcast.  And so he is our sacred political model and guide.

   As the Catholic, i.e., Universal, People of Jesus Christ, we should act politically as Jesus did, i.e., universally, for everyone in need without exception.  This means that our political party must stand for all the values that Jesus stood for.  "Whatever you did for one of these least of these. you did for me." (Mt. 40:25)

   Whether we are Republicans, Democrats or Independents, we have the clear purpose for our political views and activities.  If our political party reduces our choice to a cult-like allegiance to any particular issue, person or cause that denies others their sacred rights to necessary care, we must strongly reject our party's position.

   Many of us Catholics favor president Trump because we believe that he is against abortion.  In truth it is a totally clear social, moral and scientific truth that he does not care one bit about abortion or about anything or anyone else except himself.  He is a deeply wounded man, beyond the ability to help himself or others.  We who are the followers of Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, embarrass ourselves when we fail to see that Donald Trump is living an out-of-his-control life of lies and hatred.  He needs our fervent prayers and not our mindless chants at his self-aggrandizing rallies.  

     If he is removed from office, Vice President Pence will be truly and genuinely opposed to abortion.  

   The Impeachment Inquiry has shown itself to be a tragic display of political and moral corruption as many of our fellow Christians in Congress are trashing their oath of allegiance to our Constitution and the rule of law.  They are telling outright lies and crudely attacking those who have served our country faithfully and honorably and are telling the truth.  With our Catholic minds and hearts, should we not see and understand that Christ is being abased by our fellow Christian representatives?  Do we not see that for the basest of reasons, they are mocking the truth while showing complete indifference to the fact that  they are crucifying Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life?

   What has happened to us?  What have we done to ourselves?  How could we have permitted ourselves to lose our Christ-consciousness to the point where we have polluted our political integrity and lowered our society to the level of Godless, hateful inhumanity and hellish tribalism?  

    How could we have created a fetid swamp from which Christ cries out to us to proclaim the Truth of our sacred faith that we have buried in our hearts?  And for what?  Have we fallen for such anti-Christian views as White Privilege, in which asylum seekers, immigrants and Americans of color have little or no rights to live and flourish?  What has happened to us that so many of us can hate so strongly without realizing that we are mocking God and crucifying Jesus anew?

   At this time of deep crisis for our beloved country,we should pray for light and guidance so we can act as true Catholic Americans, whose sacred commitment is to Order, Justice, Truth, Peace and Love for everyone without exception in the Spirit of Jesus, our Brother and Savior.

   Dear God, please bless America now in our moment of our special need, and forever.


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